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Our Products

Amphibious Pontoons

Our pontoons are specifically designed to maneuver in marshy and swampy areas as well as soft terrain. It can also float on water as an added safety feature. It is completely self-propelled and can virtually access all terrains, and yet requires minimum supporting transportation and hoisting equipment. Thanks to our patented ‘multi-synchronous direct drive‘ system, a pivotal technology developed by EIK, we are positioned at the forefront of amphibious excavator design

Long Reach Kits

EIK Long Reach is designed for maximizing digging depth and forward reach over a standard boom. It is ideal for river and sea dredging either on land or barge. The super long reach attachments enable you to achieve more digging depth compare to standard boom, maximizing efficiency at your work site. We manufacture different model of long reach which can suit a wide range of excavators ranging from 10-200 metric tons operating weight. We use marine grade epoxy paint as the undercoat and all surfaces are shot blasted.


We design and manufacture various types of buckets from 8 ton to 200 ton The buckets are based on designs that have been developed over 10 years through feedback and experience gained from servicing our customers in different environments worldwide.


We supply a full range of Grapples to suit excavators up to 200 metric tons (440,000 lbs) operating weight. You can count on us to deliver quality Grapples that meet your most demanding applications.

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